Dynamite Headdy

A walkthrough.

Scene 3-1 - DOWN UNDER

In this level, the platform will tilt so press up to stop yourself slipping off. First you'll encounter a few soldiers, so destroy them and then move on. Next, there are machines letting out orange balls which roll off the edge - the further the platform tilts, the faster the balls roll - so simply jump over their paths, and watch out for the puppet on strings who will drop down and throw a bomb at you - just hit him to get rid of him. Next, there will be more ball machines, but this time you have to walk in the path of the ball. Wait till the platform is level and the last ball has passed before walking through each path (the second one will require you to jump over one of the balls).

Next, you'll have to fight some flying soldiers, but only one at a time. Each one will fly back and forth across the screen, dropping bombs. Make sure you are level with a soldier's shadow, as you can only hit him when you are. Four hits will take out each one, and then you can move on. Another puppet on strings will come down, so take him out. Collect the health and 1-up that you should come across and when you get to the rectangular platform, Trouble Bruin, who has been watching you this whole time, will crash a mechanical hand through the wall, and take you backstage.


You'll enter the level in the hold of Trouble Bruin's Rocket Grappler, meaning that he controls where you go, and you'll have to work with this. He'll begin by releasing mini-puppets based on himself, and these puppets will home in on you. One hit will destroy each of them. At this point, you'll notice that he is too far away to hit, but grabbing the Super Head from a floating Headcase will allow you to reach him.

After the mini-puppets, he'll begin spinning you around himself, bringing you closer and closer - without the Super Head, this would be your only opportunity to hit him, especially as nothing is attacking you. Eventually he'll turn you other way, taking you back again, and when he's fully extended his arm, he'll try to drag you against the ceiling, so press down, as you will be told to anyway. Then, you'll quickly have to change to up, as he tries to pull you down to the floor. Again, if you have the Super Head, and your feeling skillful, you can hit him by switching from pressing up or down to pressing right and damaging him. The skill comes in switching back to the last direction before you hit the floor or ceiling. After this, he'll start again, so repeat the strategy as many times as needed until you beat him. When you do, he'll fall apart and the hand holding you will explode, allowing you to run off (automatically) to the next level.

Scene 3-3 - THE GREEN ROOM

First, make sure your health is fully restored using the Sleepy Head, as you will be facing yet another boss after this, so you'll need all the energy you can get. When you walk in, the curtain on stage will open, revealing the Puppeteer and Gentleman Jim in one body. Step out of they're way (to the right) so they don't land on you, and wait till they've fully separated. After that, you can start hitting them. while avoiding Jim. Jim will walk about the screen, and may stop and throw his cane at you, so be ready to jump over this unless you're on his right. He will also curl into a ball while the Puppeteer swings him back and forth. You should be very careful to avoid both characters, as they take away more health than a regular enemy. I would advise switching between each of them with your hits (hit one, then the other, then one, then the other, etc.) to avoid having to fight them separately. But if you do, then you're in for a more difficult fight.

If you defeat Jim first, then the Puppeteer will begin spinning the unused strings around the room. If your head touches the end of a string, it will get caught in it and hurt you, so take care to avoid this, and just continue hitting the Puppeteer.

If you defeat the Puppeteer, then Jim will become temporarily indestructible while he dances round the room, until he stops in the middle of the room to shoot green orbs in all directions, which you need to dodge while trying to hit him.

Once the duo are defeated, go onto the next level (well... boss, actually).


When you enter, a stage worker will roll on a carpet, but he won't hurt you so don't worry. When the Wooden Dresser comes down, you'll notice the purple health, which means you cannot do any damage to her yet. She'll begin by dancing across the stage, but she can't hurt you without a costume. When she reaches the left side of the screen, she'll put on a dragon costume, and start blowing fire, which now makes her lethal. Beau will come out and tell you to hit certain parts of the costume, so follow his lead. Obtaining the War Head will send the costume parts flying (duck to hit her feet), and as each part comes off, she'll blow fire more rapidly. Once the head comes off, you'll be able to attack the Wooden Dresser's weak point: her heart. When she realises the costume is gone, she will jump up, and come down with a purple heart, once again dancing across the screen.

Her next costume is a ballerina outfit, meaning that she will start dancing over you like a ballerina. The dress is what you should avoid here, and the Wooden Dresser will soon bend down on her knees to bring the dress down on you, but just stay to the side to avoid it. Then she will jump in the air and attempt to land on you. Again, Beau will point to each part of the outfit for you to hit. If you use the Ticker Head while she has lowered herself, then attacking will become a lot easier. If you leave her with just the dress, then her pattern will change and she'll just be jumping over and over again. After the costume is off, continue attacking the temporarily vulnerable heart, until she escapes you again.

The final costume is of a robot, and she'll begin by dragging herself across across the screen. Then she does one of three attacks. She may stamp her foot to bring down bits of the stage from above in three parts - this can be dodged by moving into one of the small gaps, which will stay in about the same place, so it's probably best to stay still. If her chest opens up, she'll fire balls in all directions, so make sure you're far away when it happens. Her final alternate move involves firing her arm at you and spinning you around if you get caught. You can disable certain moves by destroying certain parts - destroying the robot chest will disable the firing of orange balls, and destroying each claw will stop her grabbing you with it (and make are dance rather than slide across the screen). I'm afraid the stamping feet can't be stopped, though.

Once this costume is destroyed, she'll start all over again.