Dynamite Headdy

A walkthrough.


Here begins your final battle with Trouble Bruin, and he's brought out his greatest invention - the Super Finagler (haven't got a clue what it means). On the whole, he won't be able to hurt you, except that, every so often, a ball of light will begin to flash from his laser gun, and then fly in a straight line towards wherever you are (or were). You can dodge this easily by keeping in mind that as soon as his ray gun begins to flash, it locks onto whatever direction it's pointing in. Now I'll take you through the route...

You'll begin on a lift, and Trouble Bruin will drop from the ceiling and take his place underneath you as the lift ascends. Make sure you're under the hole on the left, and you'll find a ledge with Headcase on it. Grab the Slammer Head, being careful to avoid the Head Trip (Head Trip = certain death). Then, you'll eventually reach some flying blocks, which you'll have to bash to open the way. After the first one, go left and hit the flying block without Cocoa on it (as fast as you can), as Cocoa weighs blocks down, making them impossible to move. Once you're past the flying blocks, you'll have to pass some spiky balls. Dodge these by jumping over the first one, then running left, under the second, when the first spiky ball is underneath the lift. Jump over the third and onto the middle ledge, and wait till the spiky ball to your right has gone under the lift before running as fast as you can to the right.

Now comes quite a difficult part involving spikes, which involves swiftness. To get past each row of spikes, you have to jump onto the upper ledge as soon as you're high enough and just run to the next hole above.

If you beat this, then you'll next pass lots of randomly placed spikes, which are easy enough to dodge (if you want to get a 500 bonus on the other side of a spike, then you can obtain it by firing your head just over the spike, and it should grab the 500 bonus). The last section of spikes will be closer together, so if you need to get between two of them which are on separate levels, then walk against the side of the lower spike and when it lowers down, you'll get on top of it, and out from under the spike slightly higher up.

Next, you'll see another Headcase on a ledge, giving you a choice of two routes involving the Slammer Head and the Pin Head. The Slammer Head route is definitely easier, but the Pin Head route rewards you with two extra lives (providing you even get through). Personally, I'd go for the Slammer Head route.

Grab the Slammer Head only when the lift is about to ascend past Headcase (you'll see why in a moment), and start hitting Julian, the little man blocking the way up. When one Julian is out of the way, rush to the next, as it's very easy to get squashed here if you're too slow. Once you pass you last Julian, you'll come across some blocks. Use the Slammer Head to destroy each block in a single go, but by this point, the Slammer Head is about to run out, so try to destroy the blocks as quick as possible, otherwise you'll only be able to destroy the orange blocks, in two hits rather than one - this could be fatal.

Eventually, you'll arrive on the top floor, where Trouble Bruin loses control of the Super Finagler, and it becomes determined to destroy you itself. RUN!!!

Scene 9-2 - FAR TREK

Now you must run for your life as the Super Finagler fires at you, It'll be following you with its ray gun, stopping to fire a laser beam every few seconds. Meanwhile, Trouble Bruin risks his life to make sure you get hit, by grabbing you and slowing you down. Trouble Bruin works by jumping towards you when he's far away, and once he's close, he walks slowly. You can get him off simply by hitting.

Your only aim in this level is to keep running. To evade being hurt, you need to coordinate between Trouble Bruin and Super Finagler's laser beams. A good way of doing this is to get directly underneath the ray gun, and moving slightly when it's about to fire. At the same time, position yourself so that Trouble Bruin jumps and you can run underneath him. Either way, keep an eye on the ray gun and Trouble Bruin (the ray gun, more, which is lethal, while Trouble Bruin's not), and you should get through.

Towards, the end, Trouble Bruin will stop attacking, and you'll be free to deal with Super Finagler with a new dodging method. Simply go to the right and jump whenever the ray gun is about to fire, causing the beam to fly over you.

Eventually, Super Finagler will break down and drag on the floor, bringing Trouble Bruin with it. Continue to the big showdown with Dark Demon.


By this point, your probably full of yourself because you've proved that you're no gaming rookie. But don't let it go to your head just yet - you need beat this boss first. Now, Dark Demon works by appearing on either side of the screen - make sure you're close to him (but not too close). Eventually, different heads will spin around you, giving you a chance to power-up in whichever way you please. Dark Demon will also turn from red to blue, and this is when he is vulnerable to attack. Then, the orb in Dark Demon's hand will flash and display a certain colour, signifying how he's going to attack you. Here are the various colours, and what will happen when they show:-

Purple - Dark Demon raises his free hand, firing out one of two pumpkin-like monsters. Flying ones whiz around the screen for a few seconds and then stop to home in on you, one after the other. Hopping ones burst out of the hand, and hop in your direction, eventually giving up and leaving. Each of these beasts take two hits to destroy. For either situation, I'd advise on using a head that can do lots of damage (i.e. Slammer Head, War Head, Lotsa Heads, Protector Head, Pig Head). Using the Slammer Head also allows you to do twice as much damage to Dark Demon.

Blue - Dark Demon raises his hand, a barrier comes up in front of him, and balls of lightning fire out, at a lower and lower angle, until they're literally sliding across the floor. The best thing you can do is to make sure you have the Pin Head, and then get under Dark Demon's cape while his hand is raised, before he raises his barrier. This way, you'll be protected from any attack, and you'll also have a perfect opportunity to hit him.

Green - Dark Demon raises his hand, and spike men fly up from below. If you have the Pin Head, get under his cape for protection. Otherwise, you can dodge the spike men by standing right above one, and then jumping to wherever the next highest spike man is (or was) as the spike man below is about to hit (hope that makes sense).

Orange - (Make sure you have the Pin Head, first) Dark Demon vanishes (hit him as soon as the heads around you start to blink, before he disappears), and a stone ceiling will start whizzing past above you. Eventually (at a random interval), the ceiling will stop and fall, so run towards the nearest gap in the ceiling to avoid losing a lot of health (the Pin Head lets you fit into the smaller holes).

Multicoloured - This is Dark Demon's ultimate attack, and the only way to dodge it is to have the Pin Head. Dark Demon disappears, and an enormous laser blasts across the screen - meanwhile, you should be safely standing underneath. If you are hit, you'll lose a massive amount of health, so avoid the beam at all costs.

Most of the time, you can just keep the Pin Head on, and you'll be fine. Only change when the orb is purple, because a tiny little Headdy won't stand much of a chance against a horde of pumpkins.

Once he's beaten, sit back and watch the ending scene, You can turn it off once the never-ending credits begin, unless of course, you're ready to go onto the extra scene, and the very, very last part of the game.