Dynamite Headdy

A walkthrough.

Secret Bonus Points don't really do much except boost your final score. But you have to admit how satisfied you'd be when you complete the game with them all. There are 39 in total.

Act 1

There is 1 Secret Bonus Point in this act.

  • THE GETAWAY - Destroy the robo-collector who is picking up the townsfolk.

    Strategy - Once the robot starts grabbing people, you can hit it. Just hit it like crazy, and you should have it destroyed.

Act 2

There are 8 Secret Bonus Points in this act.

  • PRACTICE AREA - Complete Headcase's practice area.

    Strategy - I find that the following heads work best against the toy soldiers: Pig Head, War Head and Vacuum Head.

  • PRACTICE AREA - Complete Hangman's practice area.

    Strategy - Try and stay as high as you can at all times. And remember, there are points where you'll only need to jump to proceed, so don't always just go grabbing the first Hangman you see.

  • PRACTICE AREA - Complete Beau's practice area.

    Strategy - Just keep an eye on Beau. Towards the end, it gets very fast, so you'll need to concentrate even harder.

  • TOYS N THE HOOD - Knock the green soldier off the watch tower before destroying it with the large ball.

    Strategy - Just hit the tower a few times. He'll fall faster if you have the Slammer Head.

  • TOYS N THE HOOD - Destroy Old McGee after Catherine Deriguer (the robot) is defeated.

    Strategy - Just don't let him run off.

  • TOYS N THE HOOD - Destroy Mule McGee after Catherine Deriguer is defeated.

    Strategy - Again, just don't let him run off.

  • TOYS N THE HOOD - Fight and defeat Snake Eyes.

    Strategy - This is explained in the walk-through.

  • MAD DOG AND HEADDY - One of the objects that Mad Dog may drop is Bino. Just hit him to get him off the stage.

    Strategy - Keep Mad Dog alive long enough so that Bino appears. You may have to wait a while, but just be patient.

Act 3

There are 4 Secret Bonus Points in this act.

  • DOWN UNDER - Just after you pass the second ball machine, wait a moment and it will start releasing smiley faced balls. Destroy one of them.

    Strategy - All explained just above.

  • BACKSTAGE BATTLE - When Trouble Bruin releases his mini-puppets, he may release a green one with an inflated head - destroy it.

    Strategy - Be patient, and be aware of how much you're hitting Trouble Bruin so that you don't accidentally destroy him too soon.

  • THE GREEN ROOM - Destroy the Puppeteer before Gentleman Jim.

    Strategy - Attack both characters, but make sure that the Puppeteer's getting more hits than Gentlemen Jim.

  • CLOTHES ENCOUNTERS - Keep the Wooden Dresser alive until she puts on a Bino costume that you must destroy.

    Strategy - Just be patient - it's a good idea to get the Wooden Dresser's energy down so you can destroy her straight after she appears as Bino.

Act 4

There are 7 Secret Bonus Points in this act.

  • TERMINATE HER TOO - Keep hitting one of the orbs at the beginning of the level.

    Strategy - I'm not sure, but I think you have to hit it quite fast. It'll take a while, but you should get a point for it.

  • TERMINATE HER TOO - Destroy one of the cannon balls from the Super Tank Machine by hitting it a few times.

    Strategy - When a normal cannon ball comes out, hit it straight up so it's on the ceiling above you. Then just hit it while it's up there and it will explode after a couple of hits.

  • TERMINATE HER TOO - Destroy the thing blocking the water by hitting it on the head.

    Strategy - Push it out of the way first, and use the water fountain to get above it.

  • MAD MECHS - Destroy all five blue blocks in the level with the Slammer Head.

    Strategy - The first one is high up, underneath the second spinning thing; the second is a little further on, blocking the way forward; the third is all the way to right, past the bridge which comes out of that fish-like creature's mouth; and the fourth and fifth blocks are blocking the way to the next level, so you really can't miss them.

  • MAD MECHS 2 - Destroy one of the fans above - you can only cause them damage when they are active.

    Strategy - Just attack them.

  • MAD MECHS 2 - Destroy the other fan.

    Strategy - As above.

  • HEATHERNAPPED - Walk up to about the third window along, and destroy Bino, who will come down to clean the windows.

    Strategy - None, really. Just hit him.

Act 5

There are 3 Secret Bonus Points in this act.

  • STAIR WARS - Delay destroying Trouble Bruin until you have reached a certain point on the tower - where that is, I don't know, but it's really high up.

    Strategy - Just like in Backstage Battle, attack him, but be careful not to over do it.

  • TOWERING INTERNAL - Avoid getting hurt until you've destroyed the two arms and reached the platform above. You have to get to that platform quickly after beating them, otherwise you don't get it. This is because the message is activated at a certain moment (don't ask me why).

    Strategy - Follow my original guide for this level, but to be safe, wait until the flamethrower under each Hangman has settled down before going up.

  • SPINDERELLA - When you're attacking Spinderella a second time, Bino will start walking across the screen. Destroy him before Spinderella turns the stage around.

    Strategy - Bino runs quite fast, so hit him by firing while in mid-jump, and this way, you won't have to stop moving each time you hit him.

Act 6

There are 3 Secret Bonus Points in this act.

  • THE FLYING GAME - Wait until the Headcase at the beginning shows a Bino Head, and hit it.

    Strategy - Just be patient (incredibly patient).

  • THE FLYING GAME - One of the rockets going upwards will have a dog-looking thing in the window, so destroy it.

    Strategy - Just keep an eye out for it - it's the middle rocket, fired during the second round of rockets.

  • BABY FACE - When the old man tries to grab you, rather then letting him do so, keep shooting him, and if you destroy him yourself, you'll find Bino tied up inside, so shoot him to get him free.

    Strategy - This is explained in the walk-through.

Act 7

There are 3 Secret Bonus Points in this act.

  • HEADDY WONDERLAND - When you jump on one of the cows, it will 'neigh' rather than 'moo', so destroy this faulty puppet.

    Strategy - Just try all the cows in the area.

  • HEADDY WONDERLAND - Just before you meet the Gatekeeper, there's a totem pole with a little man sitting on top, so knock him off.

    Strategy - Look at all the totem poles you go past, and you're bound to see it.

  • HEADDY WONDERLAND - When the Nasty Gatekeeper fires his arm outside the screen, he may bring in Bino instead of Headcase, so take him out.

    Strategy - Keep making the Gatekeeper send his spare arm outside the screen, and he'll eventually bring in Bino. The best time to hit Bino is just after you've hit the Gatekeeper and dodged his bomb.

Act 8

There are 6 Secret Bonus Points in this act.

  • THE ROCKET TIER - Grab all the Big 500s in the level using the Spike Head.

    Strategy - This is explained in the walk-through.

  • ILLEGAL WEAPON 3 - Destroy one of the orange soldiers that fall from above after the fight.

    Strategy - Just don't miss them.

  • FUN FORGIVEN - When fighting Tarot, hit the heart orb three times.

    Strategy - Do this at the beginning, so that Tarot won't gain any health if you hit him, because it's already full.

  • FUN FORGIVEN - Hit the 'Don't Shoot' sign right at the end of the level, above the Hangman nearest to the ledge.

    Strategy - Make sure you don't hit the 'Don't Shoot' sign underneath - this just gives you a Head Trip.

  • VICE VERSA - Destroy a few of the orbs fired at you by the things hanging on the ceiling.

    Strategy - There are two of these in the level, so you can get one of them to fire two orbs, and the other to fire one.

  • TWIN FREAKS - Eventually, Twin Freaks may release a Bino Head for you to destroy (fortunately, this doesn't vanish when you flip the room, like with the other heads).

    Strategy - You'll be unlucky if this doesn't appear early on, because you'll need to keep him alive until then. Destroy Bino by hitting him when he's within hitting range - wait for him to come to you, don't go after him.

Act 9

There are 4 Secret Bonus Points in this act.

  • FATAL CONTRAPTION - Destroy one of the Cocoa Heads.

    Strategy - Just hit him.

  • FATAL CONTRAPTION - Destroy all blocks in the level (you'll need the Slammer Head for the blue ones).

    Strategy - This becomes difficult towards the end of the level. Grab the last Slammer Head (before Julian) just before Headcase disappears below the lift. This way, it should last long enough for you to hit the last few blocks.

  • FAR TREK - Avoid being grabbed by Trouble Bruin more than 3 times.

    Strategy - It's hard to dodge Trouble Bruin when you have the Super Finagler firing at you. Just stay close enough to him so he doesn't jump, and keep in mind that if you get hit by a laser beam, then you'll jump to the left - I say this because, if you're on Trouble Bruin's right, then you'll go flying right into him. So avoid being hit while on his right hand side. And if you find yourself stuck at the right end of the screen with an incoming laser, then it's better to jump into the laser - this way, you'll at least be sent over Trouble Bruin. To summarise, stay close to Trouble Bruin, and keep him running (not jumping) back and forth across the screen slowly (don't get cornered), while keeping an eye on the Super Finagler and your health. And remember, you are allowed to get caught up to three times before you lose the Secret Bonus Point, so don't give up if you get caught once or twice (or thrice).

  • FINALE ANALYSIS - When the green spike men attack, use the Slammer Head to destroy them all.

    Strategy - Stand on the opposite side of the screen to Dark Demon, and when the spike men start firing, jump and hit the one underneath. Then follow the path of spike men, hitting each one as it appears in front of you. When they start going the other way, start again, destroying the one underneath and following the rest.