Dynamite Headdy

A walkthrough


Hello! You've stumbled upon a walk-through for Dynamite Headdy, a challenging game for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, released in 1994. For those of you who just want to get halfway through this great game, here is a straightforward guide. I hope you find it useful.

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Below, I've copied out parts of the instruction manual that may be useful or interesting.

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"The curtain is raised, and the Treasure Theatre puppet show begins. The star of the show is Dynamite Headdy, the guy with the coolest head on stage. But danger lurks backstage - rival Trouble Bruin wants to be the star, and if he can't get his goal by winning the hearts of the audience, he'll do it by doing away with Headdy! But Trouble Bruin is small stuffing compared to Dark Demon, the doll who strives to rule the puppet world by converting the inhabitants into his evil minions! Most devastating are the Key Masters, who serve as Dark Demon's elite guard.

As Dynamite Headdy, it's up to you to defeat Dark Demon and restore peace to the puppet world. Step into the bright lights of the stage, where the props go wild and nothing is as it seems. And a cool head always prevails."


Headdy - "The hero and star of the show. Champion of truth, justice and jellybeans everywhere. Ever since he came off the production line twelve years ago, Headdy has always been special: he has the ability to use his head in unique ways."


Heather - "The mysterious woman in Headdy's life. Just what is she doing with all those keys?"



Bino - "The little maintenance guy pops up on stage from time to time, usually when there's a Key Master about. Seems like he's always in the way..."



Trouble Bruin - "Here's another puppet who uses his head... on various mechanical bodies. He'll stop at nothing to defeat Headdy, his arch-rival!"




Dark Demon - "The all-powerful sorcerer whose goal is to turn the entire puppet world toward evil. Dark Demon pulls the strings of a powerful puppet force called the Key Masters."



Hangman "hangs from platforms, signs and other devices. Use him as a hook to pull yourself up to high places, or to pull things down to you."

Headcase "carries a box with two or more different Power Up Heads at a time. To use a Power Up Head, attack Headcase when the icon for the desired Power Up Head appears. To cancel a Power Up Head, press Button A. Not all Power Up Heads can be canceled." [These are Head Trip, Pin Head, Rocket Head, Air Head and Feather Head.]


Beau "gives directions and points out a Key Master's weak spots. This may not be safe for him, but he'll never steer you wrong."



Jellybean "restores your vitality."
Big 500 "gives you a 500-point bonus. Nice!"
1-UP "gives you an extra life."


Lotsa Heads "gives you a multiple attack when you press Button B. Three heads are better than one."
Liberty Head "lets you enter the intermission game."
Head Trip "is a trip to avoid. Your head becomes so big and heavy that it's difficult to move around, and it's easy for your enemies to stomp on you."
Slammer Head "gives you extra pounding power."
Pig Head "lets you fire weapons from your nose when you press Button B. Press and hold for continuous fire."
War Head "automatically sprays fire all around you."
Protector Head "surrounds you with a barrier of spinning fireballs that can damage enemies."
Spike Head "lets you climb walls. Approach the wall and fire at it slightly above you. Then pull yourself up."
Empty Head "makes you invincible to most attacks (but not falls)."
Super Head "makes you move faster and jump higher, and increases your attack range."
Sleepy Head "restores your vitality with a little nap. However, an enemy can give you a rude awakening if you're not careful!"
Pin Head "brings you down to mini-size."
Bomb Head "destroys all enemies on screen when the bomb is thrown and detonated. Press Button B to throw."
Vacuum Head "sucks in all goodies and enemies within reach when you press Button B."
Ticker Head "freezes the action for a few seconds so you can get in a few good hits."
"You'll find the following Power Up Heads flying around in shooting scenes. Touch them to pick them up. Press and hold Button B for continuous fire."
Rocket Head "lets you fly in the air and fire lasers from your nose - the latest in puppet-guided, laser-active technology."
Air Head "gives you both flight ability and triple fire."
Feather Head "lets you fire a stream of angry birds from your beak."


"The Points display appears at the end of each act. Your total score appears on the bottom of the screen.

Stage Points: Pick these up by destroying enemies and grabbing bonus items.

Time Points: The less time it takes for you to get through each act, the more points you receive.

Secret Points: Scattered throughout each Act are Secret Bonus Points, which you pick up by doing certain special things. Beneath the point tally, the number to the left shows how many Secret Bonus Points you collected. The number to the right shows how many were available. Can you find them all?

Press Start to speed up the progression of each score display. Then your vitality is completely restored before you continue to the next stage."


  • "There's no timer in this game, so take your time and think your moves over."
  • "Practice firing your head in all directions, especially while jumping. You'll need these skills."
  • "Get familiar with the weapons so you can time their use to the best advantage. Each one may have a special purpose in the area to come."
  • "Use the shadows on the ground to gauge the position of an airborne attacker."
  • "Explore! There are lots of things to see and bonuses to grab in every act."